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What’s your superpower? No rerolls!






i have

a gun

for an arm

So basically I can go a really long time without having to sleep or eat or poop or JESUS CHRIST THATS AWESOME WHY CAN’T THIS BE REAL

bionic physiology


penance stare


no i don’t want this )B>

I got the power of destruction.


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    Supernatural Manipulation known users: All Gods (all Mythology) I knew it
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    Duplication Absorbtion: the ability to absorb one’s duplicates. A sub-power of Replication and a variation of...
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    Undead Hybrid Physiology … Well, sound ok for me.
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    Life Link: The power to connect life force to others! This is interesting.
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    Gun Protrusion I get to generate firearms and/or projectile weapons from my own body BOOB GUNS FTW
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    Paint manipulation! whoop whoop
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    Chastity Inducement oh fuck that I’m rerolling Dragon Magic FUCK YEAH
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    Reality Perception- the ability to see the whole truth under all circumstances. This is actually the whole goal of my...
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    Heat manipulation AWW YEAH
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    Energy Blasts The ability to use energy as a projectile weapon. Sub-power of Energy Manipulation. So, uhm, I’m StarFire...
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    Genesis creation…....can create mini mes. What now bitches?
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    Ferrokinetic combat. Yeah.
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    astrokinetic combat - fuck yeah
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    Blood Resistance: The ability of nocturnal entities (e.g. vampires) to supress their ‘thirst’ or ‘hunger’ of blood.
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    To be fair, I think that’s in DC too, and that guy used his powers for archaeology. So not all bad. I got…. Energy Twin...
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    Peak Human State - The ability to have your bodily functions at the maximum limit of human condition; meaning that your...
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    Invulnerability - The power to be immune or highly resistant to all forms of external physical damage
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    Deity soul. nice.
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    Jack hammer arms. …thank Ben 10 series for that ‘amazing’ superpower. :/
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    Mutagen Empowerment
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    Divine Presence. I keel yall
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    Chess Empowerment….
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    Come on, you can make it to 10K notes, I BELIEVE IN YOU POST!
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    Immobilization. I...Kinetic shielding. HMMM….
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    Age Immobilization.I can stop anyone from aging at any time. I think I can make a fortune off this power….